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Kissing Habit Films was started by writer, director, producer, editor, and sometimes actor Andrea Beça in mid-2013. Kissing Habit's work has been screened at festivals and events across Alberta and California. After winning the 2013/2014 season of Edmonton's Metro Shorts Festival, Kissing Habit also won the 2014 Yeggie award for Best in Film & TV.  In 2017, Andrea Beça was named a runner up for Best Filmmaker in Edmonton in VUE WEEKLY's Best of Edmonton series.

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Andrea dove into the film world after a decade-long career in theatre. She has a BA in English and Creative Writing from the University of Alberta and an MLitt in Playwriting and Dramaturgy from the University of Glasgow. When she isn't working on her own creative pursuits, she is a freelance storyteller, which includes work in writing, videography and editing, and photography. She is also the creator and host of a podcast called That's So Maven!, a weekly show which focuses on femmes in business and leadership.