Preparing to Disappear

Well, not actually. 

I've been quiet on the blog front because I was waiting to hear back about a grant before really talking about the next film we're shooting with Kissing Habit. 

We didn't get the grant, but we're still shooting the film. 

I don't intend for that to sound like a "f*^K you!" to the system or anything. On the contrary, I will be applying for many more grants from many more funding bodies, and I hope to receive many of them, so that I can continue to make the art I love to make. 

What it really boils down to for me is whether I want to wait, or create. Since this film's story has literally been sitting on my heart for almost nine years, I decided to create. This story means the world to me. The time is now.

The Disappearing Act is a short film based on a short story with the same name. It introduces us to Laurie, a woman who deals with her recent losses in a unique - and often haunting - way. The story itself has been published multiple times, and was nominated in 2009 for both an Alberta Literary Award and the Writers' Trust of Canada Journey Prize. Before I got into film, my work was often described as cinematic in quality. When I wrote The Disappearing Act, I envisioned it as a short film. I am excited beyond words that now I get to make that happen. 

And I'm not doing it alone. I get to work with an incredible group of people to make this happen. Which includes, but is not limited to, these fantastically talented humans:

I'm going to dive into who's involved and what their roles are in a future post. For now, you can just admire how gosh darn good looking everyone is. 

So, where we at?

The screenplay is done. The shooting dates are scheduled (oh, right, I should email everyone about that...). We've got a wee bit more cast and crew gathering to do. Pre-production is in full swing as I start to get organized with props and costume lists, location scouting, shots lists, scheduling, and the million other details that go into a film shoot. 

We're making a movie! 

More soon.


Andrea Beça