Before I dive into nightwalk, a quick moment to say that we've got a big update on The Disappearing Act coming soon, so please stay tuned for that!

What is nightwalk, you ask?

nightwalk is the short film I've pitched - with the help of an amazing team - to the most recent round of STORYHIVE, a contest run by Telus Optik Local that will result in 15 teams from Alberta and 15 teams from BC receiving $10K to make their movie happen! 

nightwalk is centred on Aatisha, a young woman who, late at night, making her way to her car, discovers a digital memory card on the ground. When she gets home, she pops it into her computer and realizes that the card if full of footage...of her. 

This round of STORYHIVE is all about the female director. While I think it's a great initiative, I think we need to do more than just "force" teams to hire a figurehead female director in order to participate. As as female directors, we have a duty to lift up our fellow women in film. That's what I'm doing with this pitch. I've assembled a core team of incredibly talented women to work on nightwalk with me. They are: Corinne Simpson, my assistant director and makeup designer for the project; Sarah Taylor, editor extraordinaire; Patricia Begley-Nelson, who has done all of the graphic design for the project so far, and Rekha Kapadia, our lead actor and focal point for the entire film. 

If we win the funding, I will strive to hire as many women I can on the production team, as well as look into mentoring young women in the industry, so that we can expose them to a number of "on-set" duties. 

Basically, it's going to be amazing. And we need your help. 

Go to the nightwalk page on STORYHIVE and vote for our project to receive $10K. Check out our pitch video while you're at it, to catch a glimpse of all of our beautiful faces. 

And now, what is perhaps the most important part: please vote every day until 1pm (mountain time) on Friday. You can vote once per project per day, so we need you to go back to STORYHIVE every day to keep voting for nightwalk

I'm so, so, so excited at the possibility of making nightwalk a reality. It's a story that's been living in my head for over three years. I think we have a strong pitch and a strong team, and I hope you will join us on this crazy journey and help us make it happen! 

Vote, vote, vote! Results will be announced on October 6. 

Talk soon, 


All photos in this post taken by Andrea Beça; poster design by Patricia Begley-Nelson.

Andrea Beça