Now THAT was a Whirlwind...

Well, I had the best of intentions to keep you all in the loop as we moved through pre-production into principal photography and then into post-production...

Then I remembered that as a Writer/Director/Producer/DOP, there was no way I'd surface during the process until it was over. 

And here we are!

Photo by Nanc Price

Photo by Nanc Price

We all survived!

I am proud to say that nightwalk has been shot and edited and it's now living at the TELUS STORYHIVE offices in Vancouver (well, one copy of it, anyway) until it goes live through their channels for another round of voting.

But before I get too far ahead of myself, I need to give a shoutout to my post-production crew. And how handy that I can do so with one fantastic photo because they're married!

Photo by Dallas Curow

Photo by Dallas Curow

Once we finished shooting nightwalk, it went swiftly into post-production with Sarah Taylor (editor) and Tony Bao (composer and sound mixer). It was an intense five(ish) weeks working through various cuts of the film and getting it ready to deliver to TELUS. (It was even more intense when Canada Post didn't deliver the film to TELUS on time and an investigation had to be opened to find it in Vancouver and get it to the office...but I don't think I'm ready to get into that story yet!)

I wanted to write this post just to take a minute to acknowledge the work that went into nightwalk. The cast and crew braved incredibly cold temperatures and late nights to make it happen, and over 350 volunteer hours were put into principal photography alone. In the end, what everyone will see is a 10-minute short. They won't see the hundreds of hours - and four months - that happened behind the scenes to make it a real thing. That's the magic of filmmaking. And I think it's important to express my gratitude to everyone who played a part in nightwalk, and to say that I am very proud of the end result. 

I know I've mentioned this many times before - whether I've mentioned it on the blog before, I'm not sure. I was a bit skeptical of STORYHIVE. I've never been big into contests. But TELUS was beyond phenomenal to work with, and this whole experience has been so positive. I'd do it again in a heartbeat (okay, not a heartbeat - I need to get some sleep), and I hope to.

Once I recover a bit more from the sheer intensity of the experience - and once the film is out and I don't risk sharing any spoilers - I'll have more stories to share from the process!

For now, all I can say is get ready to vote. You'll be able to watch and support nightwalk starting February 6 at

More on that soon, 


Andrea Beça