Meet the Synth Cowboy Team

Since our new STORYHIVE pitch is officially in the running to win $10K of funding, I thought it would be a good time to introduce y'all (see what I did there?) to the team of people who will be bringing the "Synth Cowboy" music video to life!

First things first, the band behind the song: meet Brother Octopus!

Brother Octopus has five members: from top centre, going clockwise, there's Brother Octopus, New Guy, Dogfish, Golden Boy, and Little Guppy. The song we're turning into a music video, "Synth Cowboy," features the vocal stylings of guest singer Jake Ian (left).

Who's that weirdo in the red cowboy hat, you ask?

Why that's me, Andrea Beça. I'm the founder of Kissing Habit Films, and I'll be directing, shooting, and editing the music video we make when we get funded by STORYHIVE (with your help)!

I've got a fantastic team of humans helping me with the behind-the-scenes work that will go into "Synth Cowboy."

Julia Grochowski, whom you may recognize as a filmmaker in her own right, as well as from the plethora of work she's done with Rapid Fire Theatre, will be Assistant Director.

Jesse Nash will be joining me once again as Lighting Director on the video. Beyond working on my previous STORYHIVE project, nightwalk, Jesse has worked with Brother Octopus before, so this project will be a fun way to bring us all together. 

Tyson Lenz and Kathy Butkovic, both Production Assistants on nightwalk, will be returning to work on "Synth Cowboy." (Fun fact: this music video is right up Kathy's alley - she's an equine sports therapist!)

Another key player in the music video? Our location! If we get funded, we're hoping to film the music video at The Weathered Barn Farm, owned by Allison and Marty Franke! 

Now that you've met the team, I hope you'll take a moment to VOTE for "Synth Cowboy" on STORYHIVE, and to spread the word! Voting is open until May 1st, and you can vote every day. 

Thanks for all your support! I'll do my best to keep you updated as the project moves forward.

Until then,


Andrea Beça